Cecil. I Am Africa.

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"Cecil. I Am Africa"


You all know Cecil's sad story....

Of course, I had to paint him. 

In his eye is a small map of Africa, the symbol of everything he stood for and all that was lost.

I had a very hard time painting this, so very sad in so many ways but I was truly inspired by this 13 year old's wise, beautiful poem ....


I am Cecil.

Naturally I am powerful. 

Yet the situation was such that I am no longer alive.

Alive to hunt, alive to live, alive to be African. 

I am not Cecil. But I am Africa, An Africa for you to kill, obviously. 

I am every rhino and elephant that you tear apart. 

I am the Ivory ripped from their faces, for you to consume.

I am rhino and elephant. I am Cecil, I am Africa. 

I am sorry that we can’t defend the defenseless against people with weapons used to attack. 

I am sorry that we can’t bring Cecil back. 

You’ve killed Cecil. 

You’re killing Africa. 

I am not Cecil.

I am Africa. 

I need help. 


Written by a 13-year-old boy who wished to remain anonymous. 


Oil on canvas
18" x 24" SOLD